Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1500m Open Water Invitational swim hosted by OMSC in Kelowna

The Apple 1500m swim at Tugboat Beach is part of the Apple Triathlon series that takes place every August in Kelowna. The Okanagan Masters Swim Club hosted the 1.5km and 5km Open Water Invitational swims, and several members took part in various events throughout the weekend.

I think this is the 5th swim event that I've attended (and of course taken photos and video), so I guess I'm becoming a swim groupie. I am after all, the Media representative of the Fintastic 4 Swim Team, LOL. (Too bad it's not a paying job!)

As my husband Paul becomes more involved, and dare I say, a more competitive swimmer, it impresses me that everyone is so warm and encouraging towards each other, from those looking to rank in national events, to those simply working to achieve a personal best.

Congratulations to Paul for 3rd place in his age category (even though I know he was disappointed in only taking 2 minutes off last year's time); to Jeannette for placing 2nd in the Sprint Triathlon, and Tony for placing 5th, in their respective age groups; to Ashley for finishing her second Triathlon; and Phred for completing the Aquathon.

Also congrats to Randy who achieved a qualifying time to be able to compete in the Triathlon World Championships in New Zealand.

Go Team!

Results for the Apple Open Water Triathlon

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