Monday, September 27, 2010

What do you with the dress once the wedding is over?

“Revive the Dress” of course!

Like many brides you dreamed of the perfect gown, pored over bridal magazines and tried on dozens of dresses until you found the one that was absolutely right. You loved your wedding dress, and just the thought of it brings back happy memories of your wedding day. So you could put it a box, and store it for….what? Your daughter to wear? Maybe, but this isn’t your great grandmother’s generation where the practice was common.

Or you could give your dress another life and create some unique, contemporary images to hang on your wall as art, and have a fun, memorable afternoon shooting them without the pressure of the wedding day.

Revive the Dress photo sessions (also known as Trash the Dress, Rock the Frock, anti-bride photos, to name a few) take place after the wedding and honeymoon are over…some say to symbolically show your husband that you will never need your wedding dress again, although it’s common for the groom to get suited up and join the fun.

Kelowna and surrounding area is the perfect location for a Revive the Dress session. With plenty of beaches, docks, and rocky waterfronts, you can be daring and take the plunge in your wedding gown. If you want to try an urban grunge look, there are lots of alleys, metal stairways, brick walls, graffiti, and railway tracks to produce some creative, fashionable images.

This time, it really is YOUR day – you can be wild and crazy, or just a little daring. (BTW, in most cases the dress will come clean with some Ivory Snow and a soak in the tub…just hang to dry, or have it steamed to get any stray wrinkles out.)

Do you want to see more "Revive the Dress" photos?

Stay tuned - in the next post, you'll get to see the Highlights Video of Lindsay and Dave's fun and fabulous Revive the Dress session that took place in various locations around Kelowna.

I can't wait to share it with you :)


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