Monday, April 4, 2011

Customer Service Superstars - Does your dentist whistle while he works???

This will be the first in an ongoing series of "shout-outs" to local businesses who deserve kudos for being "customer service superstars".
Everyone wants to be a superstar, right? To excel at what they do?

You'd think so. Then why are so many businesses lacking in providing an outstanding customer service experience?

It's something that I strive to do in my own business. So I want to support other businesses who are setting high standards - by being their client, or shopping at their store, or using their services... then telling everyone about it to make sure they STAY in business.

When I did a Jerry Ghionis photography workshop a few years ago, he said that there was this awesome new movie theatre concept in Melbourne, Australia. A super-cinema experience, with lounge style reclining chairs and bar service brought right to your seat during the movie. Sure, it cost more, but the customer experience was far superior to your average movie. The last year I lived in Derby, England, a new theatre was built with this concept in mind - the whole waiting area was like a bar or night club, with sofa-style seats (so you could cuddle up to your partner if you wanted to ;0) - and it was a great experience.

What if your dentist offered that kind of experience?

I can't say that I know anyone who really LIKES going to the me, I'm not a big fan myself, especially since I've had a dozen fillings in my younger years, which are now being replaced over time by crowns and new porcelain (rather than ugly silver) filings. But what if someone made that experience as good as it could possibly be?

What would make you switch dentists?
  • Private treatment rooms
  • Accommodating office hours (open til 7pm, four nights a week).
  • A hand or head massage after treatment
  • Staff who all remember not just your name, but what you said you were up to the last time you had a visit
  • A dentist and hygienist who explain everything as they go along
  • State of the art equipment, like the only dental lab in BC to offer crowns on-site through new dental imaging technology and computer-aided design (so you don't have to have an appointment for the temp crown, then return 2 weeks later to have the permanent one fitted)
  • A dentist who is professional, courteous, friendly and fact, relaxed enough to whistle while he works? (Yes Dr. Morhaliek, you do that :)
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 This will be the first in an ongoing series of "shout-outs" to local businesses who deserve kudos for being "customer service superstars".

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